After the dark side of chocolate and the dark side of intelligence, here is evoked the dark side of technology, explored by Charlie Brooker's mini-series Black Mirror.

  • 1x01 ★ - The National Anthem - Upon the abduction of the Queen's daughter, a mysterious kidnapper has a bizarre request. Themes: social media, peer pressure, utilitarianism.


  • 1x02 ★ - Fifteen Million Merits - In a world where low-rank people operate bikes to power their environment, there is one escape: a X-factor-like TV contest. Or is there? Themes: TV show, entertainment, systems, rebellion, purpose.


  • 1x03 - The Entire History of You - In these days most of people are equipped with a device recording their life, and can at any moment replay or share any part from its databank. Trust issues arise within a hi-tech couple as the wife refuses to show some episodes of her own past. Themes: device implantation, privacy, openness, augmented reality, memory.


  • 2x01 - Be Right Back - The sudden death of her husband leads a woman to use a new online service that lets people stay in touch with a virtual version of the deceased. Themes: death, memory, IA, social media.


  • 2x02 - White Bear - A woman wakes up only to find herself and a bunch of allies chased by costumed characters, while ordinary people record the hunt on their smartphones. Flashes trigger blurry memory flashbacks. Themes: memory, justice.


  • 2x03 - The Waldo Moment - The rise of a virtual candidate and the fall of its human interpreter. Themes: political campaigns, social medias.


  • Special ★ - White Christmas - A 3-part dialog in a wooden outpost of two men sharing their troubled past. Themes: memory, augmented reality, coaching, slavery.


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