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vendredi 19 novembre 2021

The possibility of a hyperstition

According to Nick Land, hyperstition is a positive feedback circuit including culture as a component. It can be defined as the experimental (techno-)science of self-fulfilling prophecies. Superstitions are merely false beliefs, but hyperstitions – by their very existence as ideas – function causally to bring about their own reality.

vendredi 7 mai 2021

The possibility of an extitution

The point is, not to resist the flow. You go up when you are supposed to go up. And down when you’re supposed to go down. When you’re supposed to go up find the highest tower and climb to the top. When your are supposed to go down find the deepest well and go down to the bottom. Haruki Murakami, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle (1997)

In Feÿ Castle (Burgundy, France) there is a well, a deep well. One of the kind which makes you realize: it would be a great idea to bury a time capsule at the very bottom.


Gravity law is hard, but it is the law.

Living for a few days with the Feÿtopian tribe in the Feÿ Castle is akin to an immersion inside a a strange mix between a digital Kibbutz, Abbaye de Thélème, and Rusty Lake.

Just to illustrate this, the utopian Thelemite motto in Rabelais’ Gargantua Faÿ ce que vouldras (do what you’ll wish) leads to a fringe and tempting theory: the name Feÿ is simply a disguised version of Faÿ, and this very naming is a purposeful indication that it was always in the mind of the founders that this noble castle should at a later stage become a phalanstery.


Mr Crow and Mr Deer from Rusty Lake.

Living in the Feÿ community brings a number of interrogations, as people do their best to be kind one to eachother.

Great public benefits arise from private virtues but isn’t it true that greater public benefits arise from private vices, as Mandeville described in the Fable of the Bees? Probably this is a question of dimension, of critical size.

On the Feÿ domain stands a beautiful forest. Sometimes the color tone can transition from spring green to viridian. Sometimes it is also easy to get stranded or floored there, however with lysergic power comes lysergic responsibility and collective nurturing helps prevent such fate to happen. Sometimes in the forest the infamous Codex Serafinianus helps to remind why Nature imitates Art. Sometimes in the forest you can see the music of the spheres.

Now it becomes a bit clearer. Individual oscillate in life, and one of the purpose of communities is to enter a collective mode of vibration. In other words, resonance. This is also what religion has been trying to achieve. Religion, seen as a collective hallucination or as a collective realization or as a collective construction (whatever the difference between the three might be).


Did I say “opium”? Sorry I meant “acid”. --Karl Marx

And here comes the Elephant in the forest.

A group of blind men heard that a strange animal, called an elephant, had been brought to the town, but none of them were aware of its shape and form. Out of curiosity, they said: "We must inspect and know it by touch, of which we are capable". So, they sought it out, and when they found it they groped about it. The first person, whose hand landed on the trunk, said, "This being is like a thick snake". For another one whose hand reached its ear, it seemed like a kind of fan. As for another person, whose hand was upon its leg, said, the elephant is a pillar like a tree-trunk. The blind man who placed his hand upon its side said the elephant, "is a wall". Another who felt its tail, described it as a rope. The last felt its tusk, stating the elephant is that which is hard, smooth and like a spear.

Now it becomes clearer: the concept of extitution is here to enhance the perceptual set of social groups and communities, and therefore to act on them.

If tokens can be considered as bottom-up, extitutional currencies, is a related point to consider.

A challenge of adulthood is: how to move oneself gracefully in the fluid of life? In “The possibility of an Island”, the author quotes Arthur Schopenhauer: "human existence resembles a theatre performance which, begun by living actors, is ended by automatons dressed in the same costumes."

So it might be the case that extitutions offer to transform into life magicians.


Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. And here’s Tom with the weather. --Bill Hicks

In conclusion, after spending a few days in the Feÿ Castle for an extitutional workshop, and acknowledging its spiritual gravity, one can ask: is it an autotelic journey, or is it for higher purposes?

But of course, one can ask the same question for their life: is life autotelic or for higher purposes?

lundi 14 décembre 2015

Living life backwards

In my next life I want to live my life backwards.

You start out dead and get that out of the way.

Then you wake up in an old people’s home feeling better every day. You get kicked out for being too healthy, go collect your pension, and then when you start work, you get a gold watch and a party on your first day.

You work for 40 years until you’re young enough to enjoy your retirement. You party, drink alcohol, and are generally promiscuous, then you are ready for high school.

You then go to primary school, you become a kid, you play. You have no responsibilities, you become a baby until you are born.

And then you spend your last 9 months floating in luxurious spa-like conditions with central heating and room service on tap, larger quarters every day and then Voila! You finish off as an orgasm!

(Woody Allen)

lundi 13 mai 2013

Sexualité et ACM

Le numéro 82 des cahiers de l'animation aborde un thème pas inintéressant et très positif pour augmenter le nombre de mots-clefs raccoleurs de ce blog : la sexualité en accueil collectif de mineurs (ACM). On trouve ainsi :

  • un éditorial d'Alain Gheno intitulé Le sexe des anges,
  • un article assez freudien, Sexualité dans le développement de l'enfant, par Dominique Besnard, évoquant une bienveillance qui "ni ne banalise ni ne dramatise",
  • un article Entre séduction et interdit par Yaëlle Amsellem-Mainguy et Aurélia Mardon, inspiré d'un rapport intitulé Des vacances entre jeunes : partir en "colo" (pdf), qui aborde la question : mais que signifie la première boum ?
  • un article assez reichien, Sexualité des jeunes enfants, par Ronan David, encourageant à adopter un regard critique et un questionnement infini.

Tout à la fin du magazine il y a aussi un texte sur la fabrication d'un flipper artisanal, et sur la dernière page il y a une illustration réminescente de Fernand Deligny.

Complément (mars 2015) : un très bon article du site Jurisanimation qui aborde l'aspect législatif du sujet : Le mythe de la majorité sexuelle.

vendredi 15 février 2013

Parc du prince

Le code source originel du jeu Prince of Persia, mentionné dans l'entrée 5 jeux en flash, a été libéré par son auteur Jordan Mechner.

C’est son père qui, il y a trois semaines, en faisant du rangement, a retrouvé dans un carton trois vieilles disquettes 3.5″, âgées de plus de 20 ans, dans lesquelles se trouvait encore le précieux code source du jeu.

Prince of Persia, de façon très indirecte, a beaucoup influencé le style et le contenu du Radjaïdjah Blog.

Source : Florent Gallaire.

mardi 13 décembre 2011

5 jeux en flash

Quelques jeux pour se détendre (avec certaines dispositions à appliquer).

  • Ax End - Un jeu où il faut s'échapper d'un château. Beaux décors et musique inoubliable.
  • Road of the dead - Une course face à des hélicoptères, des zombies, et un général Sherman.
  • Pixel Purge - Un shoot-em-up dans l'espace, 50 trophées à collecter.
  • Hapland (v2) (v3) - Un jeu de réflexes et de réflexion.
  • Prince of Persia - Une version du mythique Prince of Persia.

Pixel Purge